Passing for a Younger Age

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

It can be observed that many celebrities make every effort to pass for a younger age even though they have always been old. Write an article expressing your views about this topic.

It is no secret that our body gets older every day, or that time will leave its imprint no matter how many downward-facing dog poses we hold. However, whether we are in the street or on public transport, we can see the advertisements about how to reverse the aging signs by some old people. To me, there is nothing wrong with their pursuit. It is a matter of individual choice. But when it is a celebrity who does such attempts especially that they have already got old. There are unwanted side effects on society.

Most celebrities, such as acting stars and singers, serve as role models for many people. Their behavior will be emulated by their supporters. If these renowned people set a bad example, their fans might follow suit without questioning whether it is suitable for them. One of the factors is physical health. Although superficially these famous old people sound good to keep young, their outer beauty might be at the expense of physical fitness. This especially holds true for celebrities who are not literally young. Their health condition may be getting worse but the public is unable to notice and learn it. This poses a high risk to their followers.

Beauty companies will employ these famous old artists as their spokesman for their products and services. Some second-tier companies will take these advertisements in their favor. They tell clients that they are able to receive the same treatment or surgery effects as those demonstrated in the advertisements, but at bargaining prices. To the credit of these celebrities, people are persuaded to receive similar treatments. Unfortunately, these companies might not be professional enough to offer those surgeries, resulting in various accidents. It has occasionally been reported that some middle-aged ladies are hurt severely due to these maltreatments. Obviously, what these senior celebrities do can misguide the public unwittingly.

When we see these senior celebrities endeavor to make themselves younger, it conveys a very incorrect message to the public. We are told to judge people by their looks. It seems that only appearance is what society really counts. This heightens a very unfavorable trend by discouraging people from looking at inner beauty and calibre. It implants an incorrect concept into youngsters’ mind that people looking good matters everything no matter how poor the ability and health they possess. This takes a heavy toll on younger generations in respect of personal development.

As a celebrity, he or she should be held accountable not only for their own sake, but also for the interests of the public. They should understand what they act will somewhat affect the people’s attitude towards something. So, they should pay serious consideration to the effects or let the public well informed of everything when they decide to do something overtly.