Academic Excellence

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

Students should concentrate on their studies since academic excellence is the foremost factor when it comes to job-hunting. It is, however, advocated that students should gain some work experience during schooling. Write an article stating the merits and demerits of this attempt.

The competition in society seems to have rocketed to a record high – a university degree and an impressive array of extra-curricular activities no longer help secure a job in companies. Students are encouraged to further adorn their resumes with various work experience so that they will hopefully stand out in a pool of candidates. However, early entry into the job market might require students to commit, which will deprive them of the blessings associated with teenage years.

A job can prepare students to be all-round individuals. Many Hong Kong students, often lauded as book-smart, undoubtedly possess the essential academic knowledge. They, nevertheless, are devoid of such survival skills as responsibility and interpersonal skills. Venturing into a job, they are expected to demonstrate discipline, shoulder responsibility and interact with others who are not obligated to please them. All these qualities are crucial for shaping youth into reliable adults upon whom our future rests.

Working part-time or in the summer shows students that they need to put in effort for every cent they make. One of their common traits is that they take everything for granted. They are clueless about how hard their parents have to work so that they can enjoy a carefree lifestyle. A job would make them realize that they cannot anticipate rewards for sitting on their hands. They might even show more gratitude and appreciation towards their parents.

However, the demands of work might leave a negative image in the impressionable minds of young people and therefore twist their world view. Some might argue that teenagers should break free of the protective net weaved by parents and teachers, and get in touch with reality. Does it do any good to expose teenagers to the potential perils of the working world when they might be overwhelmed by the complexities of it? All these might give a heavy blow to their self-esteem and turn their perception of the world upside down.

A part-time or summer job might distract students from their studies. Not only does a job take up plenty of time, but its spontaneity and dynamics might also intrigue young people who are accustomed to the monotony of school life. They might dismiss studying as boring and futile, thus putting aside their studies. In addition, the skills students obtain from a job tend to be of low order whose benefits many people are skeptical of.

To me, the most important lesson from work is that students can get a chance to juggle studies and work. Juggling is a skill that everyone has to master eventually in life. The corresponding benefits can surpass all disadvantages stated above.