The US SEC creates a new cryptocurrency investment landscape

2024 年 5 月 29 日 | English Blog

Since the US SEC changed its attitude towards Ethereum spot ETFs, not only my own learning and investment preparations have to be redefined, but i see the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem has also become overwhelmed, with no direction at all, no matter how big or small investors are, they all need to contemplate new strategies. 

In fact, apart from Bitcoin’s distinctive decentralization characteristics, other cryptocurrency blockchains that involve smart contracts have a certain degree of centralization. Now the SEC does not consider their native tokens to be securities, but commodities. Their  value begins to be greatly different! This implies if someone dedicates to develop a  blockchain with smart contracts, in return the corresponding token can be “listed” as a spot ETF. It will definitely attract a large number of angel funds to invest, especially from the Wall Street. Even better, in case the wall street investors have invested large amounts, it is more likely to force the SEC to accept the “listing” of the native token, which seems to have become a consensus among institutional investors. 

Although I already have ideas about my current investment orientation in cryptocurrency, I still adopt a conservative attitude and wait for the changes to happen. Sometimes, when people see new situations, they are not wise enough to take actions too early. 

Objective environment has its own objective development.  We cannot be too subjective in speculation and idealism. Nothing in the world is “as it should be” and cannot be taken too far. In fact, they can go far beyond our calculation.  Worst of all, subjective ideas can be evolved into very biased views and decisions. This can make our investment very miserable. 

On the other hand, when it comes to my programm learning, I have been alienated from Ethereum’s Solidity for long. Now the situation has changed and I think I need to further study this programming language. Or strictly speaking, all languages related to smart contracts. such as Solidity, Rust and Clarity, should become my study focus. 

If I don’t learn these programming skills well, how will I know which cryptoproject is the most valuable in the future? We cannot simply listen to what others advise.