Youth Suicide

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

There have been an increasing number of youngsters, ranging from primary and secondary school students to university undergraduates, committing suicide. Write an article stating three reasons for this social problem.

Youth suicide has long been a problem in society. Recently, it has got severer as we see the number of youngsters committing suicide on the rise. This sparks off wide public concerns and anxiety. People wonder how easy teenagers come up with the idea of ending life and what factors leads to such appalling decisions. Many citizens prompt the government to get at the root of the issue. In the following, I will explain why adolescents nowadays are more prone to suicide.

As far as parents’ expectation is concerned, some youngsters find it difficult to live up to it. For example, “Tiger mums” often force children to learn everything as they see fit. The level of achievement set by the parents is far beyond the children’s reach; Helicopter parents always keep a weather eye on their children and have full discretion over their pastime. All of them add suffocating pressure to youngsters, probably making them very desperate. Even worse, they may be hit by depression. When these children are unable to manage the feelings, they will resort to ending their life.

Another factor has to do with technology. The introduction of the internet allows youngsters to access information with ease. It is more likely to create a topic well acceptable among youngsters when there is enough discussion about it. The idea of committing suicide is a case in point. Worse still, most online media show strong sympathy for, and even have empathy with, the teenagers doing these vital attempts. They even claim that society should be held accountable for these tragedies. This fosters an unfavorable atmosphere which encourages teenagers to come up such terrible thought and consider it a viable ‘way out’.

Someone might claim that youngsters themselves are to blame for the phenomenon. Current youngsters have enjoyed a better living than their previous generations so they should not be tired of life. It is such thinking that makes most adults pay little attention to their children. For example, when students behave in a weird manner, the school authority never realizes that it is a sign of something wrong with them. They fail to take certain precautionary measures to prevent it and simply adopt a remedial approach to the aftermath. The lack of foresight and corresponding contingency plans accounts for the high rate of youth suicide.

Although suicide among youngsters seems an individual matter, we cannot lay the responsibility totally at others’ door. As part of community, each of us should show more concern to youngsters around us.