University Study

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

Some people think going to university is an important rite of passage. What is your opinion? Write an article expressing your views on this topic.

There are an increasing number of youngsters questioning whether a university degree proves useful. They think they should go straight to work instead. In fact, most business tycoons, such as the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma, neither completed a degree nor had a degree at all. It seems that a university qualification might not put us ahead of the competition when it comes to finding a good job or earning a fortune. To a larger extent, I do not subscribe to this thinking.

Those in favor of bypassing higher education argue that many non-university graduates even respond better to a real world situation.  Society counts more on experience than academic qualification. It’s true but it doesn’t mean that university has no functions to perform. It is considered a place to broaden our horizons, and allows us to consolidate these foundations for efficient accumulation of experience in the future. So, there is no conflict between going to university and acquiring experience. In fact, a degree helps us develop a mind more open to new things and accept any ideas easily. It even opens up new chances for us in terms of career paths.

What’s more, some argue that the cost of university is higher now than ever, and having a qualification is no guarantee of well-paid job. But what you buy is not merely an investment, but also a consumption of some sort. University education exists for its own sake and is worthy of spending of part of our lifetime on it, even though a better career prospect is not perfectly ensured. It provides a rich academia, in which we can learn something of interest. It is analogous to a restaurant which meets our desire to eat. University is a place to anticipate our intellectual needs. The way to think we gain at university is of lifelong use, and not simply related to work.

For some cases, studying at university is of paramount importance. Specialist knowledge, such as accounting, law, medical science and linguistics, will only be offered by a degree course. People have no choice but to enter a university if they want to be a professional. In addition, the campus life at university also gives us a chance to foster key skills related to communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative and technology, which are highly appreciated by employers. With most people changing careers several times throughout their working lives, these skills will be valuable in a variety of job and life situations.

Learning and career are two distinct paths. They never overlap each other in any periods of our lifetime. University education serves as a bridge to link up the former stage with the latter. Without going to university, youngsters will find themselves too green to tackle the real world problems. So, to have a degree is never a surplus in our life and it accounts for a significant part when we grow up.