Request for Donation

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

A local fitness centre is being renovated. As the chairperson of your school’s Sports Club, write a letter to ask the fitness centre to donate some of their old equipment to your school. In your letter, describe how the donation could benefit your school and the fitness centre.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: Request for donation of old equipment

I am writing to request your kind donation of the old equipment to the Sports Club of our school, Hong Kong College. We are a group of sports enthusiasts who actively participate in inter-school and national sports tournaments. Divided in different sub-groups according to the specific sport that our students have talents for, the Club serves as a platform for young and aspiring athletes to spread their wings and rise to heights in the future, either as professional or amateur athletes.

We learnt from our teacher, Miss Lee, who is a regular visitor to your centre, that the venue is currently under renovation and your company has planned to replace the old equipment. I hope you will consider donating it to our Club as this will benefit your company as well as our school.

As for the school, our students will be able to enjoy a broader variety of equipment for training. Although the machines might be considered obsolete to your centre, they are actually valuable to our students. Because our training does not require advanced and complicated gears, old equipment, as long as it is functional, will contribute a lot to the betterment of our physique and athletic skills. Currently, there is insufficient equipment at our gymnasium, resulting in long waiting time and limited benefits to users. We will be grateful if you are generous enough to donate some of your old equipment so that our collection of hardware can be enriched.

Having wider choices of equipment for practice, our students will make better and faster progress in athletics and thus perform better in competitions. Using specific equipment for different purposes, our students can receive the most specialised training so as to get in the best shape efficiently. I am positive that with such additional advantage, our students will reach new heights in tournaments and earn more prizes and honours for themselves and for the school.

Regarding the benefits to your centre, I believe such an act of generosity will boost your company’s reputation and attract more prospective customers. We will acknowledge you company’s donation on our school website and the Club’s promotional materials. When our students perform well in tournaments, your centre will also receive more publicity as our alumni, teachers, parents and students will recognise your contribution to our success. Having a good impression of your centre, they will be more likely to patronise in the future, bring along more business opportunities. I believe your donation will act as a decent word-of-mouth marketing campaign that benefits your company immensely.

I hope you will consider donating your old equipment to the Sports Club. We will be grateful for your generosity and pledge to make the most of them in our training. For enquiries, please feel to contact me at 1234 5678.

We look forward to your reply and seeing your name on our school’s website as well as our Club’s promotional materials.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong

Chairman of Sports Club, Hong Kong College