MTR Service Disruptions

2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

There have been various kinds of MTR service delays or disruptions. Write a letter to the MTR corporation to share how bitter your experience ever was and suggest some ways to improve.

Dear Sir,

The frequent disruptions of MTR train services have sparked off the wide public concern and coverage from the media. As a key public transport, any accidents with MTR services could take a heavy toll on commuters from all walks of life. So, it is your company’s social responsibility to ensure the smooth and secure operation of the trains. Unfortunately, I encountered a very terrible experience on an MTR journey.

The accident occurred on Friday during the evening rush hour. While the train was heading towards the next station, some passengers screamed two compartments away and a few seconds later I saw smoke coming out and filling the entire train quickly. There was somewhere catching a fire. Many people scrambled to leave but the carriage was too packed to have a way out. We had nothing to do but kept my breath out of toxic smoke. This made some passengers feel dizzy and some even collapsed at that critical moment. Some other passengers remained conscious but they failed to hold their nerve by bursting into fear and tears. The train inside was riddled with severe anxiety and extreme panic, and what I could compare to is the chaotic scene of the Korean movie ‘Train to Busan’. Having been trapped for nearly two minutes, the train came to a halt abruptly and then the doors were forced open. We saw some MTR staff stand by to steer us out of the tunnel to the platform. How poor the follow-up services your company offered! We had been there so long before the shuttle buses came to serve us.

There exists room for the MTR corporation to make progress, even in the short run. It is preferable to draw up more comprehensive plans to deal with contingences, especially during the peak hour. For example, if the train delays to meet the destinations, your company should work closely with other public commute systems to overcome the bottleneck. Even better, certain propaganda campaigns are launched to teach the public about how to handle the situation such as outbreak of fire and any offensive behavior done by passengers. A vital accident on the MTR could result in dozens of casualties and so it is indispensable to provide detailed guidance for travelers to follow.

As far as the long-term measures are concerned, your company should focus on the proper running of the trains. I concede that perfect maintenance is impossible. Yet, to reach a certain standard is surely your company’s duty. Your technicians should ensure all engines to be in good condition by overhauling or replacing the parts that have malfunctioned or worn out. Since most service disruptions are caused by the railway signaling system, this makes the public cast doubt on whether the system has already been obsolete. With increasing MTR ticket prices every year, passengers are entitled to enjoy the most updated and safest facilities, I believe.

Although the MTR corporation hasn’t totally turned a blind eye to the issue, the measures currently taken are not enough obviously. There are no excuses for such a top transportation system as the MTR to operate with these standards. The quality of services has been being called into question by the public. It is nothing more imminent than working out an effective solution with your company.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong