2023 年 2 月 3 日 | DSE English

The cases of cyberbullying have seen an increase in recent years. Why does this kind of abuse get more prevalent than its physical form? Write an essay stating the reasons and proposing ways to stem such evil growth.

Owing to the advance of information technology, bullying has recently evolved into a new form. It involves the use of online chatrooms, instant messaging systems and social-networking sites to reinforce deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or a group towards others. This kind of online abuse has sparked off substantial concern and anxiety. The public wonder how rampant this bullying has run relative to other forms and how far its scale has gone beyond the socially acceptable level. In the following, I will discuss what factors contributing to this phenomenon and suggest ways to stamp it out.

The fact that digital technology allows people to adopt a false name and act anonymously in the virtual world has prompted the harassment more mercilessly than its face-to-face counterpart. Without knowing who is the ‘culprit’, netizens tend to initiate an attack against others more likely. A typical way is to create an online viewpoint. Cyberbullies use certain public forums to tease and taunt the people, to whom they want to direct the public’s attention. Even worse, photos are uploaded to unveil the further details of the victims. The kind of insults happens more frequently than its physical equivalent. The driving force behind the phenomenon is that one can successfully conceal his identity online.

People often have the misconception that their online behavior need not assume the same legal responsibilities as in the case of physical abuse. They think that at worst they are to blame for their unethical misconduct. There is nothing to do with legal liability. However, each of us is entitled the legal right to protect our privacy. Last year, there was a girl who had been under a rape attack. Her background was fully listed out on the internet. Many legal professionals had claimed that this was a criminal act and the people involved would be severely punished by the law. Obviously, unawareness of legal requirements is another reason for more frequent online abuse than physical harassment.

To keep this abuse away from society, the government should lay down a clear definition of invasion of privacy online and then adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward it. The government is required to keep a weather eye on the misuse or abuse of digital technology and to support the police in preventing and handling cyberbullying by granting more resources in this respect. Schools should be provided with various propagandas such as conducting anti-cyberbullying seminars and workshops, and distributing relevant e-materials. In short, schools ought to work closely with the government to enhance student’s mutual respect and thereby promote cyber-safety.

Although online insults do not involve any physical attacks, it never means that cyberbullies do no harm to the victims. Their words and ways chosen can be so offensive that the hurt brought about could last long and become a permanent bruise psychologically. To make the cyber world a nice place to visit, everyone should be held accountable for his behavior, even though no one knows what you have done. Cyberbullying is like an epidemic, so we had better put a stop to it right away.